Written by Marge, Will’s assistant.

Will does not manage the financial aspect themselves, they delegate it to me, Marge.

As per his Hippocratic Oath, it is important to Will to offer accessible prices to systems under financial distress. However, I, Marge, also care for Will’s energy, and prevent him to over-spend it in ways that could be harmful to his System.

If even the Low Income* pricing is too much, do contact me at marge@willsolace.com to discuss potential solutions: trust me, I usually find a way!

Standard per Hour$110100€
Low Income* per Hour$6560€
Standard 10hr**, per Hour$8075€
Low Income* 10hr**, per Hour$4242€

* Low Income offered with justification.

** If you take a 10hr package after the first two hours, you will only pay the difference.
For instance: 2 hours at 100€, then you take the 10hr 750€ package: you will pay 750-200 = 550, and have 8hr remaining.