Will: Here are various resources for Systems that I will often refer to in our sessions.

Pluralpedia is a reference in the plural community when it comes to common terms used by plurals. I strive to use these terms as much as possible.

DID Research is focused on the research aspect of DID and Multiplicity. Its glossary is better understood by most Mental Health professionals than that of Pluralpedia.

More than One is an helpful and concise website which answers most first-timer questions regarding Multiplicity.

How to survive in a Strange World is a well-written guide for Alters who feel like they do not belong to this World.

Am I Plural? is an exhaustive form which helps answering the question of whether or not you may be plural.

The Plural Playbook is an excellent guide on Etiquette with plurals. If you need recommendation letter for work, this is one of the reasonable accommodation we may suggest.

Plural Etiquette is a form to get to know how your System wants to be addressed better.