As a therapist, I offer holistic therapy for Systems, be it with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), other dissociative diagnoses, self-diagnoses or those who are questioning. In English, or in French.

My approach is tailored to each Alter & System unique needs. Holistic Health is a journey! Many Alters start in difficult places, others already feel good but seek better understanding of the complex situation they live in, some seek advice to increase their performances, and many just enjoy appropriate Psychological care, like our bodies enjoy a massage!

One of the therapies I use most is a form of Art Therapy. This is one of the gentlest forms of therapy, which allows alters to express themselves creatively and non-verbally, and to explore existing Art curated to heal them. These can be particularly helpful for those who have difficulty expressing themselves, which is often the case for some Alters within a system, especially the ones carrying Trauma.

I also use Drama Therapy (or PsychoDrama), allowing alters to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. This can help them gain insight into their experiences and develop new ways of coping with challenges, as well as teach them various skills they can adapt to their lives.

For introjects of some sources I, Will, or other Alters of my System are familiar with, I have adapted Psycho Drama to specifically create scenario that connect to these Sources, and give these Alters opportunities to express themselves more naturally.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Systems (ACTS) is an adaptation of ACT to the specifics of Systems, which focuses on helping all Alters develop trust within the system, and commit to a path of Healing that benefits the whole System, without neglecting individual Alters.

As an holistic therapist, I also provide referrals to other professionals who understand multiplicity and whom I have personally vouched for. These may include psychiatrists, coaches, or other healthcare providers.

My goal is to provide comprehensive support for systems on their journey towards healing and self-discovery. I believe that every system has the potential to live a fulfilling life, and I am committed to helping my patients (therapy) and clients (coaching) achieve their goals.