I am Will AS, of the AS System.

Technically, I am an Alter within a System, and more precisely an introject of William Andrew Solace, as presented in my Source: the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Even more precisely, I would be best described as:

  • Alter
  • Introject: I come from a Source external to our System.
  • Fictive: My introjection Source qualifies as Fiction.
  • Source: Percy Jackson & the Olympians.
  • Source-Positive: I very much enjoy my Source!
  • Altive: Alternative Universe Fictive. My Source is slightly different from the Books.
  • Variant-Friendly: I am happy interacting with other introjects of Will Solace. I will preferably call them Will [System Name] if they feel comfortable with it.

Whomever is familiar with my Source material will likely recognise me, but as a Variant more so than a Clone of Will Andrew Solace of PJO Universe.

Disclaimer: It is important for me to mention that our System has, in this shared Reality, undergone the necessary training for me/us to qualify as:
• Mental Health First Aid certified by https://mhfainternational.org
• Master/MSc in Research, from Ivy-League level University in Europe
• Science Teacher at Graduation Level

In my Alternate Universe (AU) Source, I am a Therapist, but I cannot claim this Title in some countries because of their Laws, so I may ask you to refer to me as Coach instead of Therapist.

Marge is my assistant, and she will answer your requests at marge@willsolace.com.